After the Rain

After the Rain

Presented by STEPS Public Art

Running September 23 until October 1

After the Rain prompts us to consider what is growing while we’re not looking, that surprising forms might emerge from the underbrush and shadows, living alongside us, waiting until the right moment to emerge. Basking in the sunlight by day and glowing colourfully by night, the symbiotic elements of After the Rain invite you into their way of being. Don’t worry, they’re friendly (we think)!

LeuWebb Projects is the creative union between artists Christine Leu and Alan Webb, through which they mobilize their professional design backgrounds to produce moments of beauty in the public realm. With each piece, they explore how a site’s qualities can serve as metaphors for storytelling and critical discourse. They imagine how art can tangibly evoke past, current, and future narratives for a richer experience of place.

Instagram: @LeuWebb

STEPS Public Art envisions a world where artists and communities co-create meaningful, welcoming and safe public spaces. We are a charitable organization that engages and empowers artists and communities to transform public spaces into vibrant places. We are responsible for some of Canada’s largest and most community-engaged public art initiatives. Together with our partners, we transform urban areas into vibrant public spaces, helping artists, community organizations, and Municipalities push creative boundaries.

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Entrance Waterloo Park Promenade (Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery)
LeuWebb Projects
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