The Chain Links

The Chain Links

The COVERT Collective is pleased to be collaborating with the City of Waterloo in Southwestern Ontario to bring you a showcase of three young artists making artwork in the region of Waterloo. Artists Faki Kuano, Sarah Cheon and Ashley Guenette were chosen by curated. Editor, Mark Walton, and guest curator, Conan Stark for their commitment to excellence in their practice, and the quality and resonance of their work to the many who’ve engaged with their practices. 

Special thanks to Conan Stark, loca larts educator, photographer, painter and board member with Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener + Area (CAFKA).

About the artists:

Faki Kuano was born in Sudan in 1992. Kuano’s family is one of many that were forced to flee from their original home, seeking refuge from civil war. A self taught artist, his work deals mostly with trauma, love, tradition, fantasy and culture, through the lens of surrealism and abstraction. Faki Kuano's instagram.

Sarah Cheon is an Ontario-based Grade 11 high school student, of Korean heritage, attending Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. She enjoys using acrylic paint on canvas and wood panels, as well as water colour, digital painting, and charcoal. Her process often involves layering, building up, and covering, especially with acrylic. Often inspired by music in her visual arts practice, her goal as an artist is to create art that can inspire others to create. Sarah Cheon's instagram.

 Ashley Guenette is a Franco Ontarian artist from rural Northern Ontario. Her recent work draws from algorithmically – generated social media content in order to reveal their hidden forms of oppression and reframe them in critical, feminist contexts. Using analogue methods to interpret digital content, her drawings, paintings and multiples challenge aesthetic conventions of painting while engaging in an ongoing dialogue with its histories. Guenette holds an MFA from the University of Waterloo. Ashley Guenette's instagram.

About the Collective:

The COVERT Collective is a gathering of visual art curators from across Canada, sharing the work of artists they love, and work that inspires them. Digitally platformed and branded as curated. the ad hoc group celebrates the artists and work that makes them think.

Entrance Waterloo Park Promenade (Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery)
Faki Kunano, Sarah Cheon, and Ashley Guenette
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