Respond // Response

Respond // Response

Respond // Response is a community-responsive and immersive installation featuring live projected visuals being manipulated by both the artist and the public to create shadow and light play. Projected video uses details from the built environment to transform a common space. The viewer is invited to collaborate with the artist by interacting with the projection; casting, creating, and adding shadows through interactive play while the artist responds to their movement, live, in this ever-changing community-based installation. ​

*Epilepsy warning: please note this installation video may contain flashing lights.

Waterloo City Hall
Ahmri Vandeborne
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Artist Bio:

Ahmri Vandeborne is an interdisciplinary artist using her roots in traditional mediums including Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing to create media-based installations. Using shadow imagery and various methods of light manipulation as a vehicle between natural and artificial elements, her work focuses on fleeting interactions and obstructions, to understand concepts of ephemerality. She collaborates with light, the viewer, artists, nature, and found objects, as a way to shift her methods of abstraction and to create immersive environments to alter the viewer’s way of navigating a space.​

Ahmri holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Studio Art from the University of Guelph, where she also completed minors in French and Art History. She is co-founder of Otherwise Studios in Guelph, Ontario, an inclusive studio space for art-making and community building, offering diverse opportunities for collaborating, teaching, innovating and mess-making. ​