Polychromatic is a non-narrative, audiovisual projection created by Andrew O’Connor. Set in a vibrant, abstract landscape, elements continually shift, disintegrate and coalesce in a simulation bound by ethereal constraints. As viewers approach the surface, silhouettes of their bodies are captured in real-time and inserted into the canvas. As an actor, the audience are able to wield some control with their physical movement influencing both the impressionistic video feedback and sonic elements of the soundscape. Throughout the evening, the soundscape will shift between different suites performed live by improvisational musician Aaron Hutchinson. ​

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Andrew O'Connor
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Artist bios:

Andrew O’Connor is a multidisciplinary artist and developer based in Hamilton, ON. Known for his esoteric approach to optics and technology, he constructs enigmatic realms meticulously crafted by an experimental blend of digital and analog processes. Using a wide variety of techniques and mediums, Andrew is fascinated with taking apart imagery and reassembling them to reveal their materiality, either performed live or in production. Andrew is a recipient of the Media Arts Creation Project grant from the Ontario Arts Council, as well as two City of Hamilton Arts Awards for Media Arts and Arts Administration. O’Connor has exhibited, screened, and performed in Europe, the United States, and Canada, and is a founding member of OPTICKS and Hamilton Audio Visual Node.​

Aaron Hutchinson is an award-winning musician and sound artist from Hamilton, Ontario. They currently make music as A Hutchie and as part of the duo Eschaton, and have performed with Haolin Munk, the Snow Beach Players, the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and the Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band. Hundreds of performances have taken Aaron to Karlsruhe (Germany), New Orleans, New York City, Buffalo, Quebec and around Ontario. Aaron is a founding member of the Hamilton Audio Visual Node (HAVN) and the DIY music label HAVNrecords.​