Octahedon is a sculptural video projection installation. The geometry of its structure meets dynamic light from the projections to produce a captivating synergy. Gazing through its layers gives us the sense of peering through a disruption in space and time. Viewers are encouraged to explore this piece from many viewing angles. Octahedon is constructed from simple forms but gives rise to a complex whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

About the artists:

Paul Moss (Age of Moss)

Paul has been creating and curating transformative psychedelic art and events for over ten years. His video projection installations explore the intersections of light, form, geometry, and time. Paul's work seeks to challenge the mind's sense of what is possible. He aims to push the boundaries of perception to create unique and ephemera lexperiences for his audience. When he is not creating strange new works, Paul enjoys cycling, DJing, climbing, and cats.

 Lester Alfonso (VJ LA)

VJ LA (Alfonso) has been live-video-mixing at festivals and events since 2006, including Eclipse, Open Mind, Harvest Festival, Electric Eclectics, and OM/Solstice to name a few. He has provided custom visuals for DJ Bear Witness and DJ Kristian Nairn and performed alongside Peter Mettler, Anne Bourne, and the Rolston String Quartet, among others. He also produces original content, designs video sculptures, and creates large-scale site-specific architectural video-projection mapping events. This year, he transformed eight schoolroom windows into portals to view the classroom's past events. VJ LA intends to keep growing and hopes to someday perform at Boom Festival, Burning Man, and create his own improvised Fantasia with a full symphony orchestra.

Waterloo City Hall
Paul Moss and Lester Alfonso
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