Luxonus is an exploration of the behaviour of light. Thin, oscillating bands of projections are revealed as they cross paths with thread and fabric sculptures. The resulting delicate patterns allow for a contemplation of the ways in which light gives form and depth to the world we perceive.

Luxonus is a project by Berklee College of Music Masters of Music Production, Technology and Innovation students in the Multimedia Installation Workshop, and has been shown as part of INOCON Festival and Centro del Carmende Cultura Contemporánea in Valencia, Spain.


About the artists:

Adam Kaleta is a media artist, video game composer and percussionist from Whitby/Toronto, Canada.

Alex Ricci is an audiovisual artist, music producer and DJ. Originatingfrom Guelph, Canada, he now lives and works between Canada, Germany and Spain. With a keen interest in transfiguring everyday spaces with projection-mapped,abstract visuals and experimental, electronic sounds, Ricci’s practice centersaround multidisciplinary installation projects and live music performances.

Kaleta and Ricci recently graduated with a Master’s in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music in Valencia, where they met and began collaborating on interactive audiovisual projects including Luxonus and Beyond the Stage.

Waterloo City Hall
Adam Kaleta and Alex Ricci
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