Drone Light Show: Working Methods

Drone Light Show: Working Methods

Watch the sky above uptown Waterloo light up with over 100 drones. Experience a light show with choreographed drones that swarm and reconfigure to make images in the sky.

Look up at 9pm for this unique technological experience. The drone light show will be flying over Waterloo Park – find a viewing location within a 750m radius (but not too close!) to catch the show and accompanying music! Tune into 89.7 FM to listen to the music.

Recommended viewing is within a 750 metre radius of Baseball Diamond #4. Check out the Cricket Pitch, views over Silver Lake, or near the Erb and Caroline intersection. Please note that the East Side of Waterloo Park will be closed and you will not be able to view the show from there. Please note, you can view the show from wherever you prefer but the FM frequency can only reach a certain distance.

View the drone show from anywhere within the purple viewing zone. Please do not enter the red zone (the show is best seen from a distance anyway). If you want to listen to the music via radio, please view within the Yellow "Radio Frequency Zone".

Don't have a radio? Hit play on this video at 9:00 P.M:

High in the sky above Waterloo Park
Steph Yates and Northstar Fireworks
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Installation Description

Working Methods, by Steph Yates, is a geometric ballet in the sky to be performed by 100 drones lit up at night in choreography to the otherworldly, experimental music of Daphne Oram. Simple geometric shapes, made up of fixed lines and moving lines, dance in series as patterns of shifting form to 10 excerpts of Oram’s electronic compositions.

Daphne Oram (1925-2003) was a composer and pioneering force in electronic music. She designed and built the Oramics machine for creating “drawn sound” and founded the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Steph Yates is a multi-disciplinary artist, composer, and designer working primarily across video, sculpture, bookmaking, poetry, and song.

About the Drones

North Star Fireworks Entertainment has embarked on a new, innovative venture: DRONES. We've already been lighting up the Canadian skies for close to 30 years, and have an unparalleled grasp of the national and international fireworks markets.  We are now taking this expertise and investing it into both hardware and software for world-class drone swarming shows.  But it's not only us that is bringing our knowledge into play: we've teamed up with an award-winning pyrotechnician and drone expert, Patrice Guy!

A fellow Canadian, Patrice has already performed multiple drone displays across the world, not to mention some very spectacular showings at international fireworks competitions.  Currently based in the Philippines, is returning to Canada to work alongside North Star, and together we will be taking outdoor visual entertainment to the next level.  Drone shows will by no means replace or even hinder the fireworks market; this is simply a new direction in the entertainment industry.  Experience a cutting edge, choreographed "smart" light show... it will truly be a memorable experience!