Immersive LIE DOWN CINEMA with films projected on the ceiling of an historic shed.

When I was invited to document the activities and public performances of a group of Improvising Musicians at a wild music camp in Gaspe, QUE, entitled Musical Improvisation at Land’s End / Coin-du-Banc en folie (http://improvisationinstitute.ca), I accepted, but added a twist: ​

  • I would explore the other highly-creative time spent in residence together: dreamtime.  ​
  • I wanted to know what was going on in the unconscious minds of these artists. ​
  • Turns out, a lot. ​

We dream to remember. We dream to understand. We dream to create.

These films are the result of the recorded dreams participants recounted to me immediately upon waking-- sometimes bedside in their dark room. The recorded dreams were played back to the artists who improvised live ‘soundtracks’ to accompany the narratives; I shot the visuals onsite inspired by these untethered meanderings.

William Street Lot
Dawn Matheson and Musicians from the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, University of Guelph
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Dawn is an interdisciplinary artist working in social practice with specializations in video and sound art. She has directed participatory media-based projects for over 20 years with works featured at CAFKA, SummerWorks, Nuit Blanche, Stratford Festival, Hot Docs cinema, on national CBC Radio, at many festivals, galleries, academic conferences, plus forests, train stations, fountains, bath houses and alleyways throughout Canada. Through inclusive artistic practices, Dawn seeks to interrupt civic and social spaces with unexpected moments of beauty, curiosity and joy. Her relational interventions hope to offer liberation from everyday suffering and to dismantle barriers between individuals by creating alternative stories that build compassion and kinship. She is currently producing an immersive sound walk called HOW TO DRAW A TREE — coupling individuals in mental health crisis with trees in climate crisis for reciprocal co-creation. You can find more about her work at thiswasnow.com.