Clouds and Storms

Clouds and Storms

Presented by S.A.I.L.

The Polaroid emulsion lifts that make up Storms and Clouds are made from a book that belonged to the artist's deceased mother. They allude to what is lost in time. The images remind her that weather is part of our daily lives—something that we all experience even though we can’t control it. And this element of unpredictability in the weather is echoed within the emulsion lift process, an alchemy that is akin to grief—how sorrow quickly moves to joy, and then back to grief (all within a few heart beats). This installation combines large-scale fabric prints of the polaroid emulsion lift images and combines them with light and video in a new configuration of Williams' work for Lumen 2022.

About the artist:

Amber Lee Williams is an interdisciplinary artist from the Niagara region. She recently completed her MFA at the University of Waterloo. Family is at the center of her practice. Her research resides in and around the home: observing and photographing the daily lives of her children, as well as drawing inspiration from the possessions and photographs left behind by deceased loved ones. Bringing the past into the present, navigating the inevitable shifting of relationships, and thinking about how everyday objects can serve as prompts to remembering are important methodologies in her work. Amber not only explores the way in which we are remembered, but also all that is lost.

About S.A.I.L.:

The Student Art Innovation Lab is a community outreach program run by UWaterloo fine and performing arts students. Programming centres around our restored and renovated vintage Airstream trailer that will operate as a mobile workshop and exhibition space.

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