Belong Together

Belong Together

The Waterloo Region is an incredible community and, while we may not be together… we’re each a unique piece of the puzzle. To remind us of this fact, over 15,000 tiles Belong Together Tiles have been distributed to communities across the Region. Tiles are then painted by students, groups and families. Many are abstract, while some are literal. Individually they represent an individual's feelings, emotions, hopes or dreams during these challenging times. But together... they represent our community.​

Tiles are still available or, if you have completed tiles to return, please visit our website for details. This project will continue throughout 2021 as we create, connect and continue to build our mosaic. Your tile matters & everyone fits. We Belong Together. (​

Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI)
Jason Panda
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Artist bio:​

Jason Panda ( is an Artist and Art Educator living and creating in the Waterloo Region. His exploration of tessellations, made popular by the world renowned Graphic Artist M.C. Escher, entice us to explore as positive and negative spaces intertwine and slide together creating intricate shapes and stories.​

The Belong Together Tile Project is his response to conversations that he had with his friends, colleagues, students and family during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021. To help realize the project, Jason called on an old friend, the founder of Tinker Truck Inc. and talented maker… Cam Turner ( . Together they championed the project, connected with others and helped remind us all that: We’re not alone.​