Austria & Canada: a unique bond

Austria & Canada: a unique bond

This year, Canada and Austria celebrate the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. On this occasion, the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa and the Canadian Embassy in Vienna, in cooperation with the Austrian start-up ARTIVIVE launched an artistic competition. The competition invited artists to create animated artworks under the theme “Austria & Canada: a unique bond."


The winning artists are:

Almira Kanbur

Jesus Aguilar Vargas

Dongwoo Byun

Ahmet Rustem Ekici and Hakan Sorar

Handi Behrič

Olga Nabatova

Anna Gaikovich

Takayuki Hibino


To experience the artworks with the layer of augmented reality:

1) Download the Artivive app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone or tablet;

2) Open the app and point your device’s camera towards the artwork and watch as it comes to life

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