At Home Dance Party

At Home Dance Party

Let's have a dance party at home. Put on this playlist of local Waterloo Region musicians and rock out. Maybe turn the lights down, wave a flashlight or your phone around, try to talk to your partner/roommate/pet/self over the loud music and pretend you're in a loud club. It's been quite a year so let's take note from Kevin Bacon, and dance our frustrations out.

Head to our YouTube for the playlist, or watch the videos below.

Groove along to:

Young Pilot - Two Tickets
Alysha Brilla - Water
Gogi 93 - 5 pm
Onion Honey - Pickled Sherriff Yodel
TNB - What Would Frizzle Do?
Rufus John feat. Joni NehRita - Hey DJ
Quinton Barnes - He

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Dance Party Playlist and Lights

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