ADAPTIV is a cinematic artwork performed in real-time by Canadian multi-disciplinary artist MEDIAH. The custom created animated artwork is taken from his upcoming immersive projection-mapping project to be premiered in 2022. The audio-visual exhibit will stimulate viewers and take them on a multi-sensory journey through dimensional worlds built from MEDIAH’s dynamic artwork.

Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI)
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Artist Bio:

Evond Blake is a Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked under the pseudonym MEDIAH for over 27 years. MEDIAH is an internationally renowned visual artist who specializes in multiple disciplines such as urban contemporary fine art, large scale public mural works, mixed media printmaking, and digital media. He has created commercial artwork/design for clients such as AMEX, Facebook, SCION, CIBC, United Way, and​

National Geographic and has been featured in solo and group art exhibitions and commissioned to paint large scale murals all over the world.​

​MEDIAH is a trendsetter sparking new ideas and originality by blurring the lines between post-graffiti, dynamic abstraction and digital media. Blake’s work consists of weaving traditional street art forms with traditional painterly techniques and mixed media printmaking using many forms and approaches found in digital art and design. Heavily inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, the artwork glorifies and captures the essence of speed, motion, dynamism and force to create movement on the image surface.​​

As an artist, MEDIAH strives to create visual content that inspires, intrigues and uplifts his audience. His production studio IAH Digital specializes in broadcast design, motion graphics, VFX and video post production, giving him the ability to produce and build complex projects with cinema and broadcast quality video, graphics, and photography.​