Across the Void

Across the Void

Across the Void is an installation that reaches across barriers to connect individuals to one another. Using projection screens, layers of projected media intersect and silhouettes can meet each other from across a distance.

Meant for in-person participation, this station is just as fun to watch as it is to participate.

Multidisciplinary artist Jonah Kamphorst and visual artist Jackie Levitt are collaborative artists who combine their mediums and practises to form DarkRooms.

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As urban people, we encounter many barriers in our communities that can prevent us from connecting with each other. Physical obstacles in natural landscapes and built environments, like rivers and walls can keep us apart. Speaking different languages or having different ways of communicating can prevent us from connecting with those around us. Perceived social differences such as age, class, gender, ability, and culture can subconsciously encourage people to interact within their own group and not intermingle with “others”.

Our installation plays with the idea of connecting (with friends/family/ and even strangers!) in a safe and playful way from across a physical barrier.

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