Embrace II

Embrace II

Medium: Stainless steel spheres, stainless steel wire rope

Artist Bio:

Jamaican-born Canadian artist Sharl G. Smith’s practice is based in Waterloo. Through the process of beadwork—meticulously stitching discrete units together to form a cohesive whole—Smith explores potent themes of interconnection, along with diverse sociological and ecological issues. This time-intensive traditional technique, reimagined on agrand scale, is at the heart of Smith's artistic exploration. 

Artist Statement:

Embrace II is part of Sharl G. Smith’s latest series of work that scales up beadwork to give power and presence to an art form traditionally undervalued because of its association with femininity and women’s work. Though not solely practiced by women, Smith has been using this medium and scale to explore concepts associated with femininity, domesticity and care to centre their value in a post-patriarchal paradigm.

Credit: Waterloo Region Arts Fund

Presented by Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

Sharl Smith
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